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TimoCom – The market leader among Europe's freight and vehicle exchanges!

Keep an eye on the market situationTimoCom's transport barometer

The transport barometer reflects current freight and vehicle supply and demand within the European road transport market. Thanks to the value of information provided the transport barometer serves as the best argument during price negotiation.

  • Powerful tool for determining market price
  • Serves as a basis for negotiation for the European road transport industry
  • Online and as print version in major European magazines and specialist press


The TimoCom transport barometer - The meaning of the transport barometer to the transport market

  1. Main transport barometer: shows the average value (freight in correlation to vehicle space) for all routes within Europe
  2. Freight in %
  3. Vehicle space in %
  4. Key
  5. Specific country routes, e.g., from GB to PL
  6. Return route from PL to GB
  7. Period: Date from / to

The meaning of the transport barometer to the transport market

The transport barometer reflects the current situation within the European transport and logistics sector. For example, planners can evaluate what the actual freight and vehicle situation is in other countries from their office. Thus companies can react better to price fluctuations and better plan their scheduling.

How the data is compiled

TimoCom, as market leader among the European freight and vehicle exchanges, makes a wide variety of data available every second. The up to 450,000 daily published freight and vehicle offers in TC Truck&Cargo® from over 100,000 users are evaluated for the transport barometer and reflected in near to real-time.

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