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TimoCom – Commitment

TimoCom is committed to the environment and society


Environment & TimoCom - the traffic manager of the future


Out of conviction we are active with regard to environmental protection and are expanding our commitment in this area. Here are a few of the measures we have implemented so far:

  • Energy requirements are 100% covered through renewable sources (CO2 savings per year approx. 400 tonnes)
  • 40% reduction in the energy consumption of the entire IT infrastructure 1
  • Correspondence is sent CO2-neutral across Europe using the German post's GoGreen.
  • Internal environmental workshops and ideas contests
  • "Paperless faxing" via PC
  • Use of FSC certified paper exclusively

The motivation to work towards environmental protection and sustainability results from our daily lives: we are constantly faced with pollution and the waste of resources. Just as frequently, solutions are suggested and we have paid good attention. TimoCom is already environmentally friendly in many aspects and we are sure that we will achieve our objective in being the most environmentally friendly procurement platform. It is right to say: everyone is talking about green logistics – we support it.

Less CO2 emissions, because…

  • with TC Truck&Cargo® and TC eBid® empty running is a thing of the past.
  • with TC eMap® you can arrive directly at your destination without any big detours thanks to optimal route planning.

1 Figures compared from 2008 to 2010

DocStop – for humane working conditions for professional drivers

The initiative to provide better medical assistance for professional drivers DocStop, ensures greater road safety. Only a "healthy driver is a safe driver". As a partner in the transport sector, we are totally committed to this action.

DocStop - for humane working conditions for professional drivers

A driver en route that suffers from an acute medical condition or becomes ill, can't "just stop" and go to the doctor. In order to make this possible, DocStop has being pulling out all the stops since 2007. Already 700 partners across Germany, such as clinics, hospitals and doctor's practices participate. 400 drivers monthly use the en route medical assistance. Also foreign drivers, who are on German roads, are informed via the DocStop hotline in 23 languages.

The project will soon be introduced in other European countries and there are already the first four DocStop information points since 2013 in Padborg / DK which have been sponsored by the association for Danish road haulage ITD.

This is how DocStop works: if a driver needs medical assistance while en route, he only has to call the DocStop Hotline, which operates via the ADAC Truck Service. He briefly mentions his symptoms, his location and direction, and is directly informed where the next parking space and DocStop partner on his route are located. There the driver will receive immediate treatment by a doctor.

„We appreciate TimoCom's fast and uncomplicated help. Soon, we will be using this support to establish DocStop outside of Germany.“ – says Rainer Bernickel, DocStop's founder, former police chief inspector, and European referent in road safety.

Federal Cross of Merit

has received the Federal Cross of Merit for his services to road safety and the professional driver's requierements


On the 15 December 2010 Rainer Bernickel received the Federal Cross of Merit for his services to road safety and the professional driver's requirements – especially for the successful implementation of the DocStop initiative.

  Film of the award

TimoCom supports the school project "Raus aus dem Toten Winkel“

Some commitments are in particular important to us – and worthy of support. That is why we support the Round Table's work, a voluntary organisation which raises awareness concerning road accident prevention through the school project " Raus aus dem Toten Winkel

TimoCom supports the school project 'Raus aus dem Toten Winkel'

Tragic truck accidents repeatedly occur when the truck turns right. "Raus aus dem Toten Winkel“ suggests that this matter should be part of the educational content in many primary schools in grades 3 and 4. In the practical part of these events, a truck driver is also present with his truck to sensitise the children directly of the dangers of blind spots. The entire class stands in the blind spot, and then each child goes individually into the driver's cab to see for themselves that no one can see the other children from this position.

Over 500 events such as these have been held since 2006. By supporting this project, we want to increase this number.

„With TimoCom's donation we can and will continue to develop the project and keep the costs low to ensure its continuity.“


TimoCom supports the school project 'Raus aus dem Toten Winkel' - © Round Table Deutschland

The St. Raphael Haus helps children and young people from around the world

Our daily business is to think outside the box. We also look at what is happening in our surroundings. In the course of this, one organisation in particular has caught our eye: the St. Raphael Haus in the middle of Düsseldorf. Here, 73 employees daily ensure that almost 100 children and young people, each with a different life story, find a home.

St.Raphael Haus in the middle of Düsseldorf. 73 employees daily ensure that almost 100 children and young people, each with a different life story, find a home.

In each group, they don't only learn to live together but to develop an independent perspective. Excursions, computer courses or music lessons are important for an integral education. These, however, are not covered by state funds. As a Düsseldorf-based company, we would like to sponsor a yearly event such as climbing, a dance project or an excursion in nature. Furthermore, we also contribute personally: TimoCom employees support the children and young people locally at the annual spring festival.

About St.Raphael Haus: the residential facility, founded in 1851, stands for human and social values. These include: "loving care, education, provisions, counselling, guidance in many situations, crisis management and social group work. No matter what nationality or religion - St.Raphael Haus is open to all children who do not receive the necessary care.


TimoCom supports the St.Raphael Haus in Düsseldorf

Hand in Hand over Land

Since 1997 TimoCom has been a reliable partner to its customers. As Europe's largest transport platform provider we work for a more efficient and safer logistic chain. It is also important to work together respectfully in the platform but we also focus on a respectful interaction out of the platform, involving car drivers.

With the campaign "Hand in Hand over Land" of the German internet platform "TruckerFreunde", we want to spread internationally the already known campaign working for mutual respect on the roads. The main focus lays on fighting prejudices between car and truck drivers.


The brochure explains the campaign clearly. It also explains how all road users are able to support and encourage a respectful interaction on the road. Our main interest lays on how everyone can reach his destination with no anger.

Support "Hand in Hand over Land"! How? It's simple: Order the free "Hand in Hand over Land" sticker for cars and trucks as well as the info-brochure per e-mail. The sticker shows all other drivers that you are a fair driver.

Order it now!



Responsibility to employees
Over 400 colleagues from more than 24 countries are currently working at TimoCom


TimoCom gives great importance to a collegial working atmosphere amongst all employees. We also offer our employees promising working conditions. These include:

  • Occupational pensions and fair social contributions
  • Regular health days and voluntary health checks by the company's doctor
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Managers and group leaders come up from inside the company
  • External events such as sport events, language courses and company parties

Over 400 colleagues from more than 24 countries are currently working at TimoCom. We see this international scope and the associated different mentalities and experiences as a great asset to our company.

In addition, we offer our young professionals a sound training. Our training concept is, in the truest sense of the word, "excellent". TimoCom received the "Certificate for Youth Development Training" from the Federal Employment Agency in the year 2009.

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